Wednesday, July 3, 2013

The afters

Sorry most of these didn't have before pictures. I'll try and remember in the future.


Painted both sides of this. It was so black from mold

The Pool!!!

Justin's beautiful retaining wall!

We weeded and edged it

I spray painted this arbor instead of throwing it out.

The Splitting deck boards

Some of the new boards in

We painted this beaut as well. It was also black from mold.

The new living room set up.

This table hadn't been completed for well over 15 years. So I finished it. I screwed the top and glued the book holder in place.

Mom's new office

Finally looks organized

Family pictures are my favorite

That's right the gumball machine has gumballs after a 15 year hiatus.

New location for the Juke Box

Lots more playing room.

I repainted this for my mom and it houses all of her fat quarters and projects!

Remember this thing over flowing with fabrics in my last post?!

Is that an actual table top I see?

All nicely folded by category! Yes I am that organized

I should have my own organizing show!


  1. Wow, if Justin and the girls could miss you for a few weeks you could come and organize our house in the Netherlands :) You're really good at this! So did you guys move into the lower floor?

  2. Wow I forgot how much you did. You are amazing at organizing!